What’s a “document viewer” like Accusoft Cloud Services Viewer for, exactly?

Accusoft Cloud Services Viewer provides an easy way to display almost any document or image file on a website, in a blog entry, or anywhere else you can create a link. That empowers you to show something in your website or blog that isn’t HTML content. You can display a PowerPoint slideshow on your website, for example, or a PDF document.

Ordinarily, if you just link to an external file from your website, your visitors would have to have the right program in order to see the file. If you linked to a PDF, for example, your visitor would have to have Adobe Reader to see it. But because Accusoft Cloud Services Viewer can display hundreds of different file types, you don’t have to worry about whether your visitors have the right program to display your file, whether it’s a Microsoft Office document, a CAD/CAM drawing, a Photoshop file… Anyone using a browser with Flash or HTML5 support can see your document–even mobile users.

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